His Honor, Sir Weland, Knight-Magister of the Mithrite Order

ST:11; DX:11; IQ:13; HT:11

HP:11; Will:13; Per:13; FP:11; BS:5.5; BL:24

Advantages and Perks

Charisma 1; Fit; Legal Enforcement Powers 2; Legal Immunity 1; Lesser Magic (Traditional, Arcane; Caster Level (Wizard) 6); Patron (Mithrite Order); Sage 1; Signature Gear (Horse); Signature Gear (Spellbook); Signature Gear (Staff); Status 2; Wealth (Very Wealthy)

Disadvantages and Quirks

Code of Honor (Chivalry); Discipline of Faith (Ritualism); Duty (Mithrite Order); Honesty; Intolerance (“Evil” religions); Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents); Secret (Agent of the Black Wizard); Secret (Pagan); Sense of Duty (The Weak); Known Wyrdling; Mild Technophile


Venerable, noble knight-wizard, “employer” of the PCs, and secret agent of the Black Wizard. Believer in the “Living Source” (Wyrd, or Fate), which puts him at odds with some of his colleagues.