William Weiss

ST:10; DX:10; IQ:13; HT:10

HP:10; Will:13; Per:10; FP:10; BS:5.0; BL:20

Advantages and Perks

Language Talent; Reputation (Good History Writer) 2 (All the time; Large class); Single-Minded; Versatile

Disadvantages and Quirks

Bad Sight (Farsighted) (Glasses); Honesty (12 or less); Pacifism (Total Nonviolence)


Clueless historical research writer, medieval history expert, writer of a “controversial” historical-fiction novel, Desert Wind (that has, predictably, attracted the attention (e.g. death threats) of the radical Muslim community), on his way to a book-signing event in Amsterdam. Easy-going and logical, harmless to a fault.