ST:14; DX:12; IQ:10; HT:12

HP:14; Will:12; Per:10; FP:14; BS:6.0; BL:39


Sword(Axe)-and-Shield Fighting

Advantages and Perks

Combat Reflexes; Damage Resistance (Tough Skin) 1; Fearlessness 2; Alcohol Tolerance; Shield-Wall Training; Style Familiarity (Sword(Axe)-and-Shield Fighting); Sure-Footed (Uneven)

Disadvantages and Quirks

Alcoholism; Bad Temper; Berserk; Code of Honor (Soldier's); Impulsiveness; Social Stigma (Criminal); Social Stigma (Shield-Biter) -2


Pronounced “TOR(or THOR)-kel.” Stereotypical grim warrior, accused of murdering his wife in a berserkir fit.