Samuel Remington, 120 pts

ST:10; DX:11; IQ:14; HT:10

HP:12; Will:15; Per:16; FP:10; BS:65.25; BL:20

Advantages and Perks

Artificer 1; Mathematical Ability 1

Disadvantages and Quirks

Bad Sight (Nearsighted) (Glasses); Code of Honor (Sportsman); Honesty (12 or less); Pacifism (Reluctant Killer); Sense of Duty (Customers) (Large Group); Shyness (Mild); Unfit; Alcohol Intolerance; Allergies; Attentive; Squeamish; Vow(treats ladies kindly)
Character Sheet (pdf)


Geek Squad computer service tech at Best Buy. Former third-string place-kicker for the Oregon State Beavers. Based heavily on the main character from the TV series, Chuck. Smart Guy.