James “Awesome” Wesson, 155 pts

ST:11; DX:12; IQ:12; HT:12

HP:12; Will:12; Per:12; FP:12; BS:6.5; BL:24


Boxing (Martial Arts); Soldier (Traveller: Interstellar Wars)

Advantages and Perks

Ambidexterity; Appearance (Attractive); Combat Reflexes; Fit; Healer 1; Style Familiarity (Boxing)

Disadvantages and Quirks

Code of Honor (Medic's); Compulsive Behavior (Working Out) (12 or less); Intolerance (Libs) (One group); Lame (Right Leg; Crash Injury); Light Sleeper; Obsession (Self Fitness) (Short-Term Goal) (12 or less); Pacifism (Reluctant Killer); Post-Combat Shakes (12 or less); Selfless (12 or less); Sense of Duty (Civilians) (Large Group); Workaholic; "Awesome!"; Hates the taste of coffee; Really dislikes deserts; Sleepy drunk; Wench magnet
Character Sheet (pdf)


U.S. Army Ranger, field-medic. Former quarterback for the Oregon State Beavers. Based heavily on the “Awesome” character from the TV series, Chuck. Hero (#2 Lancer).