J.W. Barrett, 125 pts

ST:14; DX:11; IQ:10; HT:13

HP:15; Will:11; Per:10; FP:14; BS:6.0; BL:39


Athlete (Football Coach)

Advantages and Perks

Charisma 1; Fit; High Pain Threshold; Power Grappling

Disadvantages and Quirks

Code of Honor (Cowboy); Fanaticism (Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness); Honesty (9 or less); Impulsiveness (12 or less); A little shy about his name (John Wayne); Unrepentant "Cowboy"
Character Sheet (pdf)


Assistant football coach, and former offensive lineman for the Oregon State Beavers. Not really based on anyone in particular. Heart (#2 Big Guy).