Gary Sabrosky

ST:10; DX:10; IQ:12; HT:10

HP:10; Will:12; Per:13; FP:10; BS:5.0; BL:20


Immortal (DRL-Outlanders)

Advantages and Perks

Cultural Adaptability; Patrons (AP) (9 or less); Single-Minded; Smooth Operator 1; Status 2

Disadvantages and Quirks

Code of Honor (Journalists'); Cowardice (12 or less); Curious (12 or less); Overconfidence (12 or less); Selfish (12 or less); Stubbornness


Slimy Associated Press reporter, on his way to the Mid-East to cover the war. Typical "evil" reporter, who will step over bodies or ruin someone's life in order to (be the first to) get at a story.