ST:12; DX:11; IQ:10; HT:12

HP:13; Will:10; Per:10; FP:12; BS:5.75; BL:29


Spear Fighting - Viking Spear Fighting

Advantages and Perks

Combat Reflexes; High Pain Threshold; Outdoorsman 1; Tough Guy 1; Off-Hand Weapon Training (Thrown Spear); Shield-Wall Training; Style Familiarity (Spear Fighting - Viking Spear Fighting)

Disadvantages and Quirks

Bad Temper; Callous; Code of Honor (Soldier's); Sense of Duty (Shield-Mates); Social Stigma (Valuable Property); Truthfulness


Pronounced “EDGE-vinn.” Scrappy daughter of a prominent soldier, gone mercenary after not being allowed into the Shields, and disowned by her family.