Bill Decker

ST:10; DX:12; IQ:11; HT:11

HP:10; Will:12; Per:12; FP:12; BS:6.0; BL:20

Advantages and Perks

Danger Sense; Outdoorsman 2

Disadvantages and Quirks

Addiction (Tobacco) (Cheap) (Highly addictive; Legal); Bad Back (Mild); Bully (12 or less); Delusion (Amerindian Superstitions) (Minor); Impulsiveness (12 or less); Overconfidence (12 or less); Stubbornness; Wounded


High-school dropout, sarcastic, typical redneck trucker and outdoorsman, with some Amerindian heritage and leanings, on his way to Paris to stop his daughter from dropping out of art school and running off with “some French bastard.” Married to a typical high-maintenance woman for decades; 2 kids+(v.young) grandkids.