Adam Smith, 144 pts

ST:12; DX:12; IQ:11; HT:10

HP:15; Will:12; Per:12; FP:11; BS:6.0; BL:29


Bounty Hunter - Repo Man (Space)

Advantages and Perks

Danger Sense; Fit; Flexibility

Disadvantages and Quirks

Addiction (Tobacco) (Cheap) (Highly addictive; Legal); Bad Temper (12 or less); Bully; Callous; Code of Honor (Professional); Curious (12 or less); Enemy (Maxwell Brown) (Less powerful than the PC) (9 or less); Greed (15 or less); Vow (No Repo too Big) (Minor); Coin collector; Dislikes Chinese food; Dreamer (TV show based on the repo man); Likes to Sleep late; Trademark (A Quarter on the porch of his victims)
Character Sheet (pdf)


Self-employed repo-man. Former wide-receiver for the Oregon State Beavers. Based, in large part, on the Sawyer character from the TV series, Lost. Lancer (#2 Hero).